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Goat Milk, Cheeses, Skin Care Products and much more!

We are a family owned and operated Grade A Raw Goat Dairy located in upstate South Carolina, regulated under the SCDHEC Dairy Division.  If you are looking for all natural, exceptional tasting, hormone and antibiotic free raw goat milk, then look no further.  However, the more you look, the more you will see why we are not your average dairy!  Although we sell the best tasting Grade A raw goat milk in York County, our product line does not end with just great quality milk…
Certified and regulated under the SC Department of Agriculture and using only the milk produced on this farm, we manufacture, package and sell our own line of cheeses andcheese related products allowing for many healthy, good-for-you food items to choose from.  But we didn’t stop there…
Goat milk is not just great for drinking and making cheese.  Goat milk products moisturize and pamper your skin and hair.  Using our own tried and true combination of natural ingredients and licensed and regulated with the state of South Carolina, we make, package and sell an entire line of skin care products with the milk produced on our own farm.
Now we invite you to take a took around our farm site and see the many ways to help you live and look healthier!

Good quality goat milk should taste mild and sweet.

Good quality goat milk should taste mild and sweet.

Our goats feast on a combination of oats, barley, rye, wheat, alfalfa and sunflower seeds twice a day. Then they are allowed to free-browse on selected vegetation and hay.

In accordance with the SCDHEC dairy division regulations, our goats are milked in a room designed just for milking. Drainable, sealed concrete floors and white, washable ceiling and walls keep the milking room clean and odor-free.

Our Grade A Raw milk is collected using a surge-vacuum that pumps the milk straight into a large, stainless steel collection container then filtered and packaged into three convienent sizes for your purchase. Our milk is antibiotic and hormone free!

Milk can be purchased at our farm in the following sizes….

Quart (32 ounces)……………………………………………….$ 4.00
Half Gallon (64 ounces)…………………………………………$ 7.00
Gallon (128 ounces)……………………………………………..$12.00

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Goat Cheeses have a unique flavor all it's own...

Gourmet Cheese

Our cheeses come in a variety of taste and styles…from soft to firm…full of flavor or just plain…and of course, made from our own fresh goat milk.  It’s your choice and the choices are many!
Good Luck!  It’s hard to choose!

Gourmet Goat Classic Cheeses

  • Chevre Logs (5-6 oz net wt)

This fresh, mild but fluffy, white cheese can be substituted in most recipes calling for cream cheese or “goat cheese”.  Available in plain, unsalted or rolled in herbs for a tasty addition to any cracker.

  • Crumbled Feta (6 oz net wt)

Feta made with fresh goat milk and aged for 1 week.  Not too strong…just right to top a fresh salad,
pizza or added to pasta.

  • Marinated Feta (9 oz net wt)

We take our aged feta, cut it into bite size cubes, add greek extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary, basil, garlic, sundried tomatoes and spices and let it marinate. Sold in a jar.  What better combination for flavor?

  • White Cheddar (4-6 oz net wt)

Fresh, creamy goat milk aged 3-5 months to make a perfect tasting, sharp cheddar.  Sold in cut waxed wedges.  No matter how you slice it, the taste is always great!

Gourmet Goat Sandwich and Cracker Spreads

  • Garlic and Chive Spread (6 oz net wt)

Sold in a tub container, this spread is made with lightly salted Chevre goat cheese mixed with chives and garlic…perfect on crackers or a dip for fresh cut veggies.

  • Pepper Jack Cheese Spread (6 oz net wt)

Smooth, lightly salted Chevre goat cheese with flakes of hot, red peppers and diced jalepeno’ peppers for just the right heat.  Great on crackers or as a toasted cheese sandwich.

  • Pimento Cheese Spread (6 oz net wt)

Available in Regular or Jalepeno, this classic sandwich spread is transformed into a taste you just have to try!  Made with creamy Chevre goat cheese, roasted sweet red peppers, a blend of spices and seasonings and just a touch of mayo.

  • Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Spread (6 oz net wt)

Sold in 6 oz containers, this blend of roasted garlic and sweet red peppers mixed in a soft chevre cheese makes you keep coming back for more!

  • Chipotle

Full of flavor and spice with just a hint of heat; A spread for crackers.  Available in 6 oz deli tub container.

  • Herbed Chevre Log

The same soft goat cheese, lightly salted and rolled in a blend of herbs and spices.  Sliced in rounds, this cheese is elegant on top of crackers or freshly sliced cucumber.  Available in a 5-6 oz log.

Cheesecakes, Fudge and Jam....Oh My!

Cheesecakes & More

Okay…so if milk or cheese isn’t enough for you, how about something sweet?  Our Gourmet Cheesecakes are made from our creamy, soft goat cheese.  The fudge is soooo rich made with our goat milk.  The jams and jelly are made from fresh fruit grown on our farm.  We grow everything as organically as possible, using no chemical pesticides.

A Variety of Delicious and Sweet

Gourmet Goat Cheese Cakes

These flavorful, delicious cheese cakes are made with our own chevre goat cheese, creme fraiche, fresh farm eggs and enough sugar to be sweet but not overly so. Available in a wide variety of flavors and sold as a 7 inch, 22 oz refrigerated dessert.
Call for flavor availability.

Flavors Include:
Chocolate Chip
Lemon Chiffon
Bavarian Creme


Gourmet Goat Milk Fudge

Fudge in a whole, new perspective. The richest, smoothest creamiest fudge you’ve ever tasted. Packaged in 6oz net weight bars.  Call for flavor availability.

Available in these great flavors:
Maple Walnut
Peanut Butter
Black Walnut
Butter Pecan


Jams, Jellies, Butters…

Our Jams, Jellies and Butters are made from organically grown fruits and berries grown here on the farm.  No pesticides are chemicals are used!
These are great on biscuits, toast or with our plain cheese cake.

All products are available in 8 oz sealed glass jelly jars.  Available are:
Apple Butter
Blueberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Grape Jelly
Peach Jam
Plum Jelly
Strawberry Jam


Silky Goat Skin Care

Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  What you put ON your skin is just as important as what you put IN your body.

Our skin care products are manufactured and packaged here at our farm using all-natural, organic, apothecary grade ingredients.  Most cosmetics and body products contain a huge amount of ingredients that contain chemicals you can’t being to pronounce.  We go back to the basics using natural oils in combination with ingredients you are familiar with and can pronounce.  Most commercial products use alcohol as a main ingredient.  Alcohol will dry out the natural oils of your skin and hair.  Known for generations as soothing and moisturizing, we prefer witch hazel.  Honey is used as a natural ingredient, healing the skin and hair.  Other ingredients you’ll find in our products are coconut, olive and palm oils, extracts of chamomile, lavender, grapefruit seed and sage and vitamins like A, E and C

However, the most essential ingredient in all our skin and body care products is the same grade A goat milk we are known for.  Fat molecules in goat milk are tiny in comparison to cow milk.  This allows the fat to become a moisturizer, able to reach the cellular level of your hair and skin like no other product you have tried before.

People who are sensitive to most products keep purchasing our products over and over again!  Dry, damaged hair is restored to soft, shiny and healthy.  Cracked and “weeping” skin is healed and repaired.  Skin diseases are tolerable to these products and many users find their skin issues clearing up over time and use.  Our skin care products are gentle and mild; safe and effective for baby skin or mature skin.

Whether it’s the shampoo, lotion, moisturizing creme, soap or lip balm, you’ll realize the difference the moment you try any of our products… and chances are you’ll come back for more.  For those who are sensitive to fragrances, we offer a fragrance-free option to each item.  For those who enjoy light, natural fragrances, we offer several to choose from.


Body Lotion is so smooth and creamy without a “greasy” or “tacky” feel… also made some of the same organic ingredients listed above.  Available in 8 oz. or a 3 oz. handy travel/purse size in the fragrances listed below or unscented.  Price is $8.00 for 8 oz. or $4.00 for 3 oz. bottle.

Fragrance selections include:
Classic Lavender
Cranberry Citrus
Cucumber Melon
Coconut Kiwi


Our Bar Soap is made using methods from the 19th century.  After the soap is molded and cut, it takes three to four weeks to “cure” for use.  Contains no glycerin.  Bar size is 5-5.5 oz. net weight.  Available in unscented or the fragrances listed below and Peppermint or Pumpkin Spice.  Price is $5.00 per bar.

For those who prefer liquid body soaps, we have 9 oz. Body Wash with easy to use dispensing lid.  Available in the fragrances listed below or unscented.  Price is $5.00 per bottle.

Fragrance selections include:
Classic Lavender
Cranberry Citrus
Cucumber Melon
Coconut Kiwi
Pumpkin Spice


With shampoo ingredients like organic Sage Leaf, Calendula flower and Ginseng root extracts, organic Aloe Vera juice and apple pectin added to Virgin organic Argan oil, how can your hair not be healthy and shiny!  Always sulfate free!  Comes with an easy to dispense snap lid and available in Coconut Kiwi and unscented.  Price is $7.00 per bottle.

Fragrance selections include:
Coconut Kiwi 
Tea Tree

Lip Balms

Unflavored, tint-free Lip Balm moisturizes your lips.  It’s great to use a base for your favorite lip shade or alone for a smooth, natural look.  Price is $3.00 per tube.

Fragrance selections include the following unless otherwise stated:

  • Cranberry Citrus
  • Lavender
  • Honey Almond
  • Coconut Kiwi
  • Cucumber Melon

Moisturizing Cremes

Our Moisturizing Creme has become a popular addition to our skin care line.  It’s made with the same ingredients as our body lotion but with a “heavier” base for individuals with dry skin conditions.  This formula is excellent for use as a face moisturizer or body butter with no “oily” residue.  Available in 4.25 oz. net weight jar in unscented or Coconut Kiwi, Lavender or Cranberry Citrus.  Price is $7.00 per jar.

Where to Buy?

Where to Buy

We sell our products at the following locations for your convenience. Please email us prior to these days to be sure we bring enough for you.

We continue to expand the locations where our products can be purchased.

Year ‘Round

Thomas Family Farms   (this is our home base)
2981 Kingburry Rd., Clover, SC
Monday-Friday  10am-5pm
Saturday 12pm-5pm
Please call ahead for appointment.
Call or email to order   803.831.7752

Queen City Pantry
2104 South Blvd (Atherton Market), Charlotte, NC
Tuesday 10am-7pm
Wednesday-Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday 9am-2pm

Garden Cafe Gift Shop
307 W. Liberty St., York, SC
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9:30pm


South Forty Farm
640 Hwy 274, Lake Wylie, SC
Sunday-Saturday 10am-6:30pm

Old Town Market
115 Caldwell St., Rock Hill, SC
Thursdays 5-8pm
Saturdays 9am-1pm
Market opens May 8, 2014

Mount Holly Farmer’s Market
130 S. Main St., Mount Holly, NC
Saturdays 8am-12pm
Market opens May 10, 2014

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